64GB USB Flash Drive, Moreslan USB 3.0 Flash Drive Keychain USB Stick Waterproof Aluminum Memory Stick Pen Drive High Speed for Computers Tablets and Other USB Devices – Silver

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  • Color 64GB USB 3.0
    Memory Storage Capacity 64 GB
    Brand Moreslan
    Hardware Interface USB 3.0


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About this item

  • 64GB Capacity & USB 3.0 Speed- This USB flash comes with 64GB, enough capacity to save your daily photos, videos and any other documents. And USB 3.0 super speeds to save time when transferring, sharing or storing files, easily to share your work files between computers. (The display capacity of the USB stick is about 90% of the rated capacity, and to reach USB 3.0 high-speed, you need to connect to a computer or other device that supports USB 3.0, otherwise it won’t reach USB 3.0 speed.)
  • Keychain USB Stick- Metal hanging buckle design enables this USB memory stick be attached to your keys or a lanyard, makes it not only a practical tool for data storage, but also a piece of elegant decoration craft. This small USB stick has won many design awards due to the stylish and practical buckle design which makes it compact and convenient, no need to worry about losing it somewhere.
  • Multiple Protections- Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic and anti-static to provide multiple protections to the data saved. This 64GB flash drive completely resistant to water, so it can be used normally after drying the water invaded from outside.
  • Durable and Stable- Nickel plated aluminum surface looks pretty. It ensures durable long-time usage and keeps your storage safe. No need to worry about missing covers with capless design which supports direct access to the USB ports. TIPS: To ensure the normal use and longer service life of the USB flash drive, please right-click and eject the USB flash drive safely before pulling out the USB flash drive.
  • Wide Compatibility- Compatible with computers, smart TVs, music players, Tablets etc. digital devices which come with USB ports. You can save your favorite music, movies, photos, important documents or any other files into this USB stick with no worries. (NOTICE: It doesn’t work for EXT3/EXT4 and any other rare formats)
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Color:64GB USB 3.0

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  1. Bruce S.

    Kind of “unpredictable”

    I burned a copy of TAILS on mine, and it seems slower than my SanDisk Ultra. I realize it is only USB 2.0, but sometimes I have to reboot for it to be recognized at all. Durability is superb, as it is stainless steel. Dropped a star because of reliability issues with connection and slowness (probably due to USB 2.0 standard)

    Bruce S.

  2. Sein Gwon

    Worked really well initially.. then stopped working 5 months later.

    I got this in Jan 2021. I absolutely loved this thing. small, fits into my key chain. I work on a few different computers on different clinic setting, so i found this flashdrive super convenient and handy as I can just attach to my key chain. Super light as well. however, it has been 5 months. I recently haven’t really used as much the last 1 month. It has been just sitting in my room while I was gone on a trip. Today, I plugged it into my computer and it all of sudden will not read. 🙁 I am bummed it stopped working. I felt like this was pretty durable and reliable initially. I am afraid I will be losing all my files on this flashdrive. I am going to try to access on my other computer but I am pretty sure it is gone… bummer.

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    Sein Gwon

  3. Sam

    Love it

    Although it was, at first, a bit of a tight fit in the drive, it works great now and very tough and durable..I keep it clipped to my ID badge and room key on my belt chord (teacher), so I always have it handy.

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  4. Bob Rhett

    Rugged, small, and easy to add or remove from a keyring.

    I needed something to carry personal files with me wherever I go. This flash drive has an integrated spring clip that makes it easy to add to my keys or move from one keyring to another but will not come off accidentally. All metal construction. Very reliable and easy to use. Well worth the money.

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    Bob Rhett

  5. Mr Wood

    When I plug in I get unrecognized device.

    The USB folder shows up momentarily but then I get an unrecognized device message.It seems to work on one of my computers. All of my other USB devices work

    Mr Wood

  6. Chris

    Tiny and mighty

    Wow- this is a tiny USB and is barely noticeable on my key ring. It is great to have for those moments you think “darn, I wish I had a USB today”. It fits in perfectly to the USB port, has flashy lights that remind you not to forget it, and is supposedly waterproof… time will tell. I am very happy with this little guy.


  7. Steven H

    Clip a good way to keep a USB Stick around

    I always hate that you can never find a USB stick when you need it, especially at work. Bought this so that I can simply leave it clipped to my computer bag for the occasional times that I need it. No more digging around for it, and people will return it, since its distinctive enough looking its hard to forget where you got it from. Clip is a little small and I had to put a key ring on my computer bag and clip the USB stick to the key ring rather than the bag itself.

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    Steven H

  8. PH

    Simple design, easy to use!

    Easy to carry around. Simple design with nothing to break. Easy to program and transfer files. I keep all my teaching files on it for back-up. It keeps conveniently and securely on a key chain.


  9. Jay

    It’s Actually Waterproof!

    I bought both the 128gb 3.0 and the 32gb 2.0. Both had some issues with malfunctions at first. I got the 128gb 3.0 drive for important work related materials and I got the 32gb 2.0 to test if they are in fact waterproof. I put a movie onto the 32gb 2.0 one and dropped it in a glass of water. I let it sit completely submerged at the bottom for a solid minute. I then swished it around and rotated it for another minute while submerged. I also opened and closed the latch a few times while submerged. After the thorough soaking, I dried it off and let it sit for about two hours. After that, I plugged it into my desktop and I was able to read and play the movie I had saved on it. It worked for me but I am in no way responsible for anyone else’s flash drive getting ruined. I merely did it as a test but no smart person should ever intentionally put their flash drive into water for any other reason. Had some trouble with connecting them to my desktop for the first time on each but haven’t had any issues since. Most similar waterproof/keychain flash drives are fake/scams and I did plenty of research before choosing this one and am happy with it. However if you are serious with storing your data and keeping it safe then just use an internal, or if not external, SSD. But this is a nice and confident way to store your data on your keys.

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  10. Samantha B

    Small and Sturdy!

    I was surprised at how small and compact this are! Which was a really exciting thing for me, because I expected them to be bulky on my keychain! I was also worried about how sturdy the latch was going to be. I have only had these for a couple of days, but I can tell just by moving the clasp in and out that it’s sturdy and that it would take some work for it to “accidently” fall off. I’m very happy with this product!

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    Samantha B

  11. omar bermudez

    heavy duty and very handy

    love this thumb drive, worth the money. i use it daily. i am an it tech and it gets used alot. it has paid itself 20 times over.

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    omar bermudez

  12. ET Duck kitty Farm

    Doesn’t Work

    When inserted in to the pc it says please insert disk into usb drive. It broke after 2 months. This is junk. I do have a degree in computer science, so it isn’t user error.

    ET Duck kitty Farm

  13. Jai Green

    Love this thing!

    I’m using this as my medical alert tag. I wear it on a chain around my neck. I’m allergic to several medications and take several maintenance medications. That is too much for a traditional engraved tag. Also, it hold living will and guardianship papers for the two people for whom I am responsible. It has no moving parts, the clip is sturdy and it waterproof. Perfect for my needs!

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    Jai Green

  14. Eric Gampu

    Small but pack a punch!!! Great tool!

    I love it! Its a tool I can bring anywhere, I link it to my badge, I drive bus, I store my directions, cheatsheets, schedules, records etc. that I needed for my job, whenever I need something, plug it in to pc at work and print it out. Easy Peasy!!😊

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    Eric Gampu

  15. GIJaynee


    I was surprised how small it was! About half the size of my pinky! But it’s great cuz it’s light and doesn’t take up a lot of pocket space. I use it at work. We have shared computers so it’s nice to keep notes on it to avoid starting over if you get logged out.

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