Android 10.0 Tablet 10 inch qunyiCO Y10 (10.1”), 2GB RAM 32GB Storage, 2MP+8MP Dual Camera, Quad-Core Processor, 1280×800 IPS HD Display Screen, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5000mAh, Google GMS Certified Black

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  • 【Evolved Android 10.0 System】The qunyiCO Y10 10 inch tablet is equipped with the latest chip and Android 10.0 system. Compared with Android 9.0 system, the processing performance of 10.0 system has been significantly improved, it can be used safely and comfortably. The tablet features a high-speed and energy-saving 64 bit quad-core high-performance CPU making the application start faster. Dual cameras (8MP rear camera), 2.4G Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.Perfect choice for entertainment or daily working.
  • 【Large-capacity Storage Tablet】The qunyiCO tablet has 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage + expandable storage up to 128 GB. Performance has been greatly improved to ensure comfortable operation. You can enjoy movies, Kindle, manga, music, photos, etc. on your tablet. Large storage space can meet your daily work and study needs. Note: Although External storage can be expanded up to 128GB. For best operation experiences we still recommend 32GB. 128GB may makes the system slowly.
  • 【Google GMS Certification】The Y10 tablets has passed the Google GMS certification.Securely provides services such as Google Play, Search, G-mail, YouTube, Skype, Netflix and more, which can run smoothly on the tablet. The latest Android system 10.0 and Google GMS certification allows you to enjoy the dual pleasure of a high-performance system and free use of massive APPs while getting rid of annoying ads.
  • 【IPS & Double Camera】The high resolution 10 inch tablet is equipped with a 1280 x 800 IPS display and renders images more clearly. Enjoy the brilliant colors, crisp text, HD video resolution when you watching movies, reading books or browseing online. 8MP rear camera allows you take beautiful photos and the 2MP front camera allows you to make smooth video chats.
  • 【5000mAh Large Capacity Battery】The qunyiCO Android 10.0 tablets equipped with a long-lasting & eco-friendly 5000mAh battery, which allows it to be used for a longer period of time. It can be used for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Perfect for long-distance commuting and travel, reading, watching movies, dramas, listening to music and so on. Note: Battery life will vary based on device settings and Apps usage.
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Technical Specifications

Series Y10
Brand QunyiCO
Screen Size 10.1 Inches
Operating System Android
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB

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  1. Steve C.

    lasted 1 month

    i used the tablet, for entertainment, not for work, it started to freeze up, , then it would shut off, after a couple of minutes, now it wont do anything,

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    Steve C.

  2. adamax

    Easy to set up

    Pretty easy to set up, u just follow the steps in the screen. If you have an android cell you can transfer all your info to this tablet. I bought this to use as a screen for my outside security cameras but I really like the size of this and will also use it for reading with the Kindle app among other apps for movies and shopping! I love it! Maybe I should just get another 1 it is cheap enough!


  3. JAlva1985

    Nice basic Android tablet

    Pros: Great price, nice resolution, and touch screen is pretty responsive. Overall performance for a $100 tablet met my expectations!Cons: Widgets were missing and I was unable to save internet links to the Home Screen. To correct this issue, I had to install a different launcher and set it up as the default. I used Launcher<3 which I have on another tablet and that took care of the issues. Another free option would be the Nova launcher. Nonetheless, use a different launcher if you desire more customization….the preinstalled Quickstep launcher is a bit braindead! Also, the screen protector was poorly applied…looks terrible and debating if it would be better off removed!

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  4. Daniel L

    Good tablet and convenient to use. Highly recommend as low-cost tablet.

    It is very easy to use, fast and light-weighted. If the budget is limit, this is what you want.

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    Daniel L

  5. Edie A.

    Great Product

    Bought two at the same time. One for me worked great. One for my younger sister that immediately kept crashing (problem with initial programing. This stuff happens as at Christmas I bought a new smart ROKU tv that kept crashing). Contacted Amazon they shipped a replacement and both work GREAT. I will be looking for a different one though for our older sister as she will only be using it to play her FB GR and these don’t have WINDOWS and thus won’t sync up with the GR that we use on our FB. Our phones are androids and these synced up with our phones with no problem. Can do everything we do on our phones except make calls so for us old people with poor eyesight these are FANTASTIC. Mine will be used mainly as my new ORGANIZED cookbook (but first I have to scan all my scattered mess recipes to my computer then transfer to the tablet) and for my bible study and Sunday lessons.

    Edie A.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very nice tablet for the price

    I purchased this one because my old Tab that was starting to have terrible battery life. Battery life seems good, the smaller screen and lower resolution take up less power than higher-spec devices. If you are looking for a tablet that gets the job done, has a good picture and sound without breaking the bank, this is for you. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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    Amazon Customer

  7. Kimberly Wilcox

    Good buy

    We purchased this for our mom. She really likes the ease of use and the picture quality is really good. She can easily read books from it and play games with it. Battery life is good and touch screen works just fine. She is happy with it and that is all that matters for us.

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    Kimberly Wilcox

  8. Hope Bowen

    Bad product

    This product was purchased in April 2021 for my granddaughter. After a month the tablet ( June 2021) would just shut off. When my son got it to turn on you couldn’t open any apps. Touch screen wouldn’t do anything. He got a hold of company they had him set it back to factory mode and tablet still doesn’t work. My son is still working with the company as they are slow to respond. UPDATE: Sept. 2021 new tablet was sent and it’s doing same thing. Son is trying to contact company and they are NOT responding. DO NOT BUY from this company.

    Hope Bowen

  9. suki Yu

    Good worthy tablet

    I got this thing for a few reasons: for regular reading, internet surfing, expandable memory in the device for files/books. It does all this with no issues. Like the fact that it as 32g of storage and you can also insert a microSD card. The tablet cames with screen protectors on, which is really nice. At the price I do believe I have made a good choice and would recommend it.

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    suki Yu

  10. Angela Cruz-Garcia

    So Far So Good

    I purchased this tablet because I needed one that could run a particular app that also had plenty of storage and was easy to use. I received this today and found that it was easy to set up. The app I wanted to use was able to be downloaded as well as a couple of games that I enjoy. The picture is great and the size of the tablet is not too big or too small.

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    Angela Cruz-Garcia

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great Tablet!!

    It’s been a great tablet!! I’ve been downloading games on it for 2 days and my son played with it for about an hour and than downloaded more games and it finally has a low battery! Still trying to figure out how to set a separate password so kids can’t download games, etc on there own. The camera quality is pretty rough however I don’t think the kids will mind.

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    Amazon Customer

  12. Jesseberry

    Could be better

    Ok so not bad for the money but….the interface is slow have to swipe multiple times just to log in password…just a little frustrating. Overall not a bad tablet. Camra not that great no flash…good for just browsing Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,YouTube,ect not terrible for playing games I would give it 3.5

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  13. K. smith

    Decent for the price

    Pros: battery lasts as advertisedfast chargingworks as it’s supposed togood pricemicro USB portgood soundCons: will not connect to hot links in emails, give message that app is not working (???)when opening web pages via google, wants to connect to ‘lite’ pages even tho i turned this off in settings, VERY ANNOYING and time consumingOverall I am satisfied with the purchase. Does what I need it to do.

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    K. smith

  14. Howe W.

    Good for Youtube Lover Kids, Good Quality but Inexpensive

    I bought this pad for my kid watching kids youtube TV, playing games, learning something through some apps, online class during COVID-19. It satisfied all my needs. It is easy to install some apps you need. It runs as good as some big brand pad, but not expensive, also have bigger and good quality screen. It worths to keep it. I recommend to those parents who have youtube lover kids.

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    Howe W.

  15. Robert Fields

    You get what you pay for.

    Wasn’t impressed with it even for the cost, i think it could’ve been better in almost every area. The screen quality was about the only nice thing about it. The battery life was poor maybe 2 hours tops, that’s if you weren’t browsing, the touch screen was more like a 3 to 6 taps screen that’s if you have some patience with it otherwise it would be more like a one punch screen. It was very frustrating, it seemed to take forever to get to a full charge and add mentioned it had about a two hour time limit before needing to be back on the charger. It crashed several times even after doing software updates which I found out cuz I just received it took it out of the box and started crashing on day one. Overall shop around I would say spend a few dollars more sometimes you get what you pay for in this case wasn’t much but a lot of frustration. Ended up giving it to somebody that was just going to use it for a reader cuz that’s about all it’s good for. Really was hoping I could write a better review. It was really bummed out with the product. Lesson learned we really do get what we pay for.

    Robert Fields

  16. Peter Schiefelbein

    Good value for the money

    What problems I may be having with this tablet has more to do with the Android 10 operating system than the tablet itself. A number of my favorite older programs don’t play well with it and I don’t know if updates will be coming. Otherwise the tablet works well with middle-of-the-road battery life and slightly less than average touch response. But the price was very attractive and so far it seems to be holding up well.

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    Peter Schiefelbein

  17. Michelle Battle

    The Unknown is Great Sometimes!!

    Hello, I actually purchased this product in error. I had an accident with my Samsung tablet. I wanted to replace it right away. My search was for a new Samsung. I read the qualities of each tablet and I kept coming back to this one. Once I received it, I was anxious to get started. For the first time, I set up my own tablet. Very easy to do. Set up took 10 minutes. Transfer from old to new. Perfect. I love on line Poker.Lots of women do. I enjoy music as well. Screen size is perfect. Lightweight. Screen easy on your eyes. For the price I was delighted. It also came with unlimited info, that I was not expecting. Not a fan of the keyboard, but overall, would buy it again.😊😊😊

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    Michelle Battle

  18. Lydia Israel

    Totally useless 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    Ok, it was just fine after the first two days of receiving it but then on that second day at night I put it on the charger. That’s when it started to glitch on me. It wouldn’t let me in the device. Oh and a few other things, the video quality is a piece of crap. It’s like I’m using a stupid flip phone from the early 90s. The audio is useless as well. I wouldn’t even give this worthless piece of machinery half a star. I WARN ALL OF YOU WHO IS LOOKING AT THIS DEVICE, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT!!!!

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    Lydia Israel


    Good value for the price with a few minor issues

    I am pretty satisfied with this tablet. But, the manual that is included is very weak. Basically, it tells you how to turn it on and a few functions. I would like to have support, but there isn’t any way that I know of to get it. I tried watching an app that basically is a tv streaming app, but when I rotate the screen so it is wide horizontally the full screen is in portrait mode and visa versa when rotated vertically it goes into landscape mode. There is no way to force it into landscape mode so it show the screen wide.


  20. Noreen G.

    don’t buy if you are an inexperienced user

    I received my tablet yesterday, charged it and then attempted to use it. After multiple retries to connect to my wifi, tablet would not connect, nor was it possible to follow direction to ‘unlock’ devise…which i tried unsuccessfully to follow a number of times.. in desperation i contacted the US/CA:support@qunyici help line and they wanted to charge me for answering the most basic question. I have intention of having to pay to ask a question just to get the decive activated. I WISH TO RETURN THIS ITEM AS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND OR GET JUST BASIC HELP TO OPERATE IT. PLEASE SEND RETURN LABEL AS IT IS COMING BACK TO AMAZON.

    31 people found this helpful

    Noreen G.

  21. Chef


    I thought that I was getting a deal, but I was wrong. This tablet is terrible probably the worst thing that I have spent my hard working money on. It can be fully charged turned off and it looses that charge completely. I charged it, turned it off and the battery was completely drained not even 2 hours later. I use it now as a drink coaster, because it isn’t able to do anything else.

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  22. Angela Johnson

    Great Tablet

    I went through a couple of tablets before keeping this one. I did have some problems, like others said, with the wi-fi cutting out, but once I switched the settings to keeping wi-fi on all the time the problem was solved. I really like the big 10 inch screen, plays movies and shows on Hulu, Netfix, and Prime with no problems and the volume is just right. I easily connected to Facebook and all my games easily uploaded and play well. Battery life is not that great, but for what I use it for it is o.k. It kept a charge for 3 hours of non-stop gaming before running down to where it had to be charged. All in all, I like it and will keep it.

    Angela Johnson

  23. CajunValleyLady

    Well made 10.1″ tablet

    I got this thing for a few reasons: for regular reading, internet surfing, and watching YouTube videos, the expandable memory in the device for files/books. It does all this with no issues. I like the fact that it has 32g of storage and you can also insert a microSD card. The tablet comes with a screen protector on it, which is really nice. At the price I do believe I have made a good choice and would recommend it.

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  24. Charles Berry

    This item is super awesome

    I have had owned several tablets manufactured by some of the major companies only to be disappointed later by their lag time in starting up and then freezing up. Although, I have never heard of this company. This tablet is the arrested one I have owned. It was so simple to set up and did not come with a lot of Bloatware. The response time this tablet is able to perform tasks is totally incredible I would definitely buy one of these again. Congrats on an incredible product.

    Charles Berry

  25. Lou

    Great price for a fantastic tablet

    I originally purchased this tablet because of its size (10”). That is, I wanted to be able to attach the tablet to a microphone stand and be able to see my guitar music and our acapella group songs. I did not want to spend a lot of money for something that was basically an experiment. The experiment was a complete success. The tablet gave me the capability to see all my music clearly, while standing in front of a microphone. In addition, I can easily increase the size of the font or move the page up or down with a simple swipe of my fingers. All the other features of this tablet are simply a plus to what I wanted it for. There is 32GBs of storage and a 64 bit CPU. More than ample for storing thousands of songs and fast enough to download songs and process those songs for my needs. I am also impressed with the massive number of apps that are displayed when you access the apps icon. I have only had the tablet for a few weeks but the more I use it the more I am impressed with its functionality at a cost of around $100.