Kids Headphones – noot products K11 Foldable Stereo Tangle-Free 3.5mm Jack Wired Cord On-Ear Headset for Children/Teens/Boys/Girls/Smartphones/School/Kindle/Airplane Travel/Plane/Tablet (Navy/Teal)

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  • On-ear headphones has padded soft cushions with a soft touch finish. Adjustable headband for a perfect fit, and a lightweight design for kids age 3 and up. Foldable design for a more compact and easy storage. The cord is a 5 feet long nylon braided cable. Designed for kids, girls, boys, children, toddlers, home/online school, training.
  • 24-Month Hassle-Free Warranty, Easy to Reach Customer Service.
  • There is NO microphone, remote or volume control on these headphones but you can still speak into the device’s mic that you are plugged into. The receiving end will hear you through the device mic’s.
  • Compatible with all smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, computers, laptops and all 3.5mm audiojack devices. For iPhone 7 and above, iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 year 2020 models, you will need a lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter.
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Technical Specifications

Brand Noot products
Ear Placement On Ear
Color Navy
Connectivity Technology Wired
Model Name K11

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  1. AccrualCat

    Awesome headphones!

    Awesome headphones!! My son is autistic and hates certain noises. He uses these headphones ALL the time. I have been through over 50 pairs of headphones and ear muffs. He loves these and they are durable and work fantasticly. I highly recommend. It’s a great product for the price.

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  2. Dana Wallace

    I love these headphones!

    I love these headphones! I teach in a technology lab for kindergarten. We have gone through lots of headphones the past several years. I finally decided it was worth paying a little extra to buy nice headphones. My kids think they are so comfortable! I especially love the cord. It is thick and made of a material that should definitely hold up to kids twisting it, chewing on it and jerking it. I have already ordered a second set of them.

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    Dana Wallace

  3. C. Currin

    Great headphones for virtual school

    These headphones are great. I bought them in two colors. My kids have been using them for school for 5 months now and they still look new. They are very well made. They have been dropped multiple times, and they are still in great shape. They are comfortable too. I have worn them and liked them too. My 8 & 10 year old kids wear them daily with no problems. My favorite thing about these is how soft they are. They are nicely padded with a soft material that seems almost like a fake leather. I know that makes them sound gross, but they actually feel very luxurious. I also love that the cord feels like it is wrapped in fabric instead of that yucky vinyl feel. I highly recommend these!The pink is perfect. My only comment would be about the black ones. I thought they would be black and light blue. They are instead black & teal. It is no big deal, but it is not quite what I was expecting.

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    C. Currin

  4. R. Weikert

    Super comfy for kids ( and mom 😉)

    My son’s class required headphones this year for computer lab. He hates wearing anything on his head or ears. These are pretty light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. They stay put and block outside noise. I tried them and I think I’m going to buy some for myself. I’m very impressed with the price and quality.

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    R. Weikert

  5. R. Weikert

    Super comfy for kids ( and mom 😉)

    My son’s class required headphones this year for computer lab. He hates wearing anything on his head or ears. These are pretty light but sturdy and comfortable on the ears. They stay put and block outside noise. I tried them and I think I’m going to buy some for myself. I’m very impressed with the price and quality.

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    R. Weikert

  6. Nicole Bevitori

    Great quality – but doesn’t restrict volume

    These are super cute, love the cushioning for my son on his ears. The sound quality is great and the fact that they fold up to fit in his bag is a bonus because then I feel like they are more secure and less likely to break.Let me tell you about my personal disappointment though…and it may not be a big deal to many… but when I buy KIDS headphones, I expect them to be a little noise restrictive in that they don’t get too loud. These go just as loud as any headphones that my husband or I wear. After using them, my son usually says huh for a little while as his ears adjust to what is a normal volume. We tell him to turn them down, but of course that’s like bathing a cat and it just doesn’t happen.I did 4 stars because while the quality is good, these are advertised for kids and I wouldn’t buy them again just because of not having the restrictions on how loud the volume goes.

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    Nicole Bevitori

  7. Rickey

    I liked the style and the features

    Purchased headset for kids in March. I liked the style and the features.I have a 4yr old son and 5yr old daughter. My son is just like any other 4yr old boy, destructive. And I must say that the headphone was durable. Easy to put away and carry around. My issue is the wiring. Nowadays, most companies go from hard plastic outing to fiber/mess outing on products that has wiring. The problem with that is no protection for the inside wiring. To loose and flimsy. Two months down the line, the headset wiring had a shortage. Contacted Amazon and no worries. They credited my account. Re-order exact same headphone for son and 2 months later, same issue, shortage in wiring and at the same area, near the base of the headset. So I decided try another brand, but honestly for the headsets I looked for (under $25) the reviews are equally the same. Now my dilemma is to invest in more expensive headsets or keep searching for cost effective ones that I am sure want last past 6 months. Hmmmmm

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  8. Hormiga

    Broke after a few weeks, without much wear and tear.

    I’ve had them for a few weeks. Went pull them out of my kids iPad and the connector broke. C’mon. Just a few weeks. They were definitely not maltreated or rough-housed with. The metal portion got stuck in the headphone jack. Really annoying to have headphones advertised for kids and they’re not made to last. Garbage. Don’t buy these.

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  9. Artem Russakovskii

    Cheap, decent headphones for kids that don’t sound like absolute garbage

    The Noot K11s are not that great, but considering you can pick them up for <$10 and that they outperform more expensive units (I compared to AILIHEN HD30 

    Kids Headphones, HD30 Volume Limiting Children Headset with Microphone for Girls Boys and Tablets Computer Laptops IOS Android Smartphone (White/Blue)

     and Intone Ms200 

    Intone Ms200 Stereo Low Bass Folding and Adjustable Headphone Earbuds – White / Green

    ) in both sound quality and volume, the choice for me was obvious.I returned the HD30 (the Ms200 broke after 1.5 years) and picked up another pair of Noot K11. If they break in a year, I’ll just get another one.Let me be clear – the sound quality is not even close to what any audiophile would want to use, or even a regular person, but for small kids who watch cartoons and listen to a bit of music, these are perfectly satisfactory.Pictured:- left: Noot K11- right: AILIHEN HD30Update Dec 15, 2019: Almost 2 years later, both pairs of the K11 constantly in use by 2 kids are still very much alive, to my surprise. I never thought they’d last this long.

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    Artem Russakovskii

  10. Kla

    Tough Headphones

    I purchased this item as a Christmas present for my child in 2020. My daughter has gone through many headphones previously…priced around the price a purchased these. However, within one month, the others broke. Not these! She absolutely loves them. The cord is still in place. The main issue I had with other headphones were the cords that led to the ear piece; they would always detach. These are working just like the day she received it. I asked her about the noise level and she said that she never puts the volume all the way up because it would hurt her ears. She said that she’s tried it a few times, and they were really loud so she doesn’t put it up anymore. So if you have a younger child that doesn’t know how to control the volume level or you are worried that the child’s hearing could be impaired, I wouldn’t get them. She is able to determine what is too loud for her. She is 9 years old. She keeps them on a lower setting to where she can hear us if we need to speak with her. I still give this item a 5 star because I really have no complaints and absolutely love these headphones.The softness of the earpiece also provides an enjoyable experience for her. She can keep these headphones on for a long time and it won’t hurt her. (forgot to mention that.)