OnePlus 8 Glacial Green,​ 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version, 8GB RAM+128GB Storage, 90Hz Fluid Display,Triple Camera, with Alexa Built-in

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Size:128GB  |  Style:OnePlus 8  |  Color:Glacial Green


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  • Super Smooth Display – high resolution with a 90-Hz refresh rate – scrolling, swiping and switching through apps feels easy and effortless
  • 16,6 cm / 6.55” AMOLED Screen – for an impressive multimedia experience, instant touch-response, more speed and a fascinating clarity
  • Ultra Clear Triple Camera – 48MP main camera, 16MP ultra wide angle, 2MP macro and 16MP front camera, Nightscape 2.0, Studio Lightining, Super slow motion up to 460 FPS, RAW image, AI Scene Detection
  • 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage for more performance, true speed and larger amounts of data/ High-performance processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 5G connectivity
  • Power Battery 4300 mAh – Next generation WARP CHARGE 30T technology (ready-to-go in 20 minutes) fast charging / Android 10 operating system
  • OnePlus with Alexa Built-in provides Hands-Free access to Alexa. Simply say “Alexa” to play music make a call control your smart home check the weather and more using just your voice. Stay up to date and accomplish every day tasks, all while on-the-go. Just ask – and Alexa will respond instantly. Download the Alexa app on your OnePlus device to start using Alexa Hands-Free today
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Technical Specifications

Model Name OnePlus 8
Wireless Carrier Unlocked
Brand OnePlus
Form Factor Smartphone
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Operating System Android

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  1. Peter Wargner

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    Peter Wargner

  2. Anna Kowalsky

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    Anna Kowalsky

  3. John Doe

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    John Doe

  4. George

    Trash for me

    cannot use this Phone voice assist during phone calls so its pointless to me pure trash. i am on a call trying to say hey google or directions or hey google text and it doesnt work at all. i’ve contacted one plus 4 times about this issue done a factory reset hard reset clearing the catch and just about anything you could think of with a tech support agent its crap i wanted to make this phone hands free like 100% of the time and its not my old galaxy s5 could voice commands while on a phone this is a joke.

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  5. Phil

    Not compatible w/ Sprint

    Do not buy if you plan to use w/ Sprint or TMobile

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  6. Nick

    Great replacement for the s8, but might have wanted to wait for the newer phone..

    I bought this phone to replace my Galaxy s8, and I gotta say, it’s absolutely amazing. But there’s also some negatives too heres a pro/con listPROS:Gorgeous screenGood camera setup (not the best in class, but certainly not bad!)Amazing design, feels amazing in your handsGreat vibration, like I love the haptics on this thing!Amazing battery life, one time I made it 36 hours and was only at 15% which is just wild to me.The ringer slider was sorely missed from my iPhone days!Fingerprint sensor was faster than the s10 I tried out for a week, but still slower than my s8 one on the back. Feels way better to use though.Cons:Slow updates! SO SLOW wow!!!My screen definitely has the green tint issues on greys in very specific lighting conditions, and the Android 11 update did not help it by adding that bad shade of grey that used to be only in the youtube app, to half the OS! Big OOF! It’s not bad, and I barely ever notice it, but when I do and it happens, it’s all I can notice!No micro SD card or Headphone jack which really sucks.Overally I’m real happy with my purchase, though now it’s be best to just wait for the new OP 9 Pro

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  7. Curtis B

    Blue is the one true king of 2020

    I have been using an HTC 10, so my experience is definitely different than many other users who upgrade every year or two.Pros:Screen resolution and refresh rate – nothing but compliments from users with standard refresh ratesBody color is stunningBattery life – usually I can make my phone last a day and a half of use (social media, reddit, and youtube…I don’t do mobile gaming)Camera – the camera defaults to 12mp but the 48mp is amazing. Nowhere near DSLR quality because of the tiny sensor, but better than other phone cameras I have usedOS – Oxygen OS is by far the fastest and cleanest version of Android availableFace unlock – I forget my phone is ever locked because of how fast face unlock is.NO BLOATWAREZoom to fit screen function is great with youtubeWeight. I like heftier phones as they feel sturdierSpeed – this phone is blazing fast with everything.Bluetooth – I can use my Bluetooth earbuds from the opposite side of the house and still have excellent quality. I can be outside in a rainstorm and keep my phone inside while staying on a call without issue.Cons:Price – They could have easily dropped the price to $900 for the highest end and been a market leader. But you definitely get what you pay forFingerprint sensor – for some reason it doesn’t always recognize my finger. and I will try 2 or 3 different fingers until it’ll unlock, but I primarily use face unlock or the swipe codeNeutral:Many people complain about the camera bump. Get a bumper case and you will never notice it. I personally don’t mind it at allI don’t mind the camera cutout at all. I downloaded “Energy Ring General Edition” and it uses the camera cut out to show the battery life (also has a cool charging animation called “bounce”)Summary. This is well worth the $1000 and I have had zero glitches or green screen issues. Battery life is my main bonus. Will definitely be sticking with OnePlus going forward if this phone ever dies.

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    Curtis B

  8. Ken M.

    A Step Up

    I had always used a budget phone. But, now with work, my old phone only had 1.5 Ram and 16GB of HD. It was to a point on my old phone I had to delete apps for the updates. Also, my work email was locking up, and I was not able to use it. This phone is fast and I have more than enough room for my apps. I don’t use fingerprint or face recognition, so no comments on that. The battery will last a couple of days, and charges really quick. In short, love this phone.

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    Ken M.

  9. D. Hunter

    Better cell coverage and nice features.

    It is possible the 5g factor has improved my cell service. We have a remote property and my previous phone could not capture the internet and could not even make calls but the One Plus 8 Pro overcame this obstacle. The service out there is not perfect but I can make calls, download files, etc. Sometime there is lag. No problems in urban areas except that on occasion there is some lag in the scroll feature but this is not a huge annoyance to me, maybe for others, (after all, it is a thousand dollar device)! Color is great and I am still checking out the camera as I am only into week two with this phone. Lucky for me, I am not a fan of fingerprint readers but I gave it a try and encountered multiple failures, so I gave up on that. After giving up, I opted for a screen protector called “glass helmet” and I highly recommend this for a phone like the One Plus that has a curved edge. The protector is applied as a liquid and covers the phone perfectly, for a measly 20 bucks. I read tons of reviews and research before choosing the One Plus 8 Pro and I still think it is one of the very best of what is out there at this moment in marketing time.

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    D. Hunter

  10. Surprise Tin

    OnePlus Loyalty is Fading (has faded?)

    I’ve been loyal to OnePlus since the OnePlus One, but this phone is a pile of garbage. 5g? What is that? What g? There is no g the majority of the time. I only have data if my WiFi is enabled, and my WiFi is constantly dropping on this phone.Aside from that, I have been encountering a problem that I had with my OnePlus 5: the camera has become progressively worse with each update. When I first used the phone, the camera met my expectations just fine. It didn’t blow me away, but I was satisfied. Now every photo is just disappointing.This phone is WAY overpriced for all the headaches I have received. It’s not a phone. It’s basically a small bedroom tablet.

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    Surprise Tin

  11. Rye Guy

    Wow, I love this phone! It’s beautiful and fast… but I will “Never Settle”.

    I will never settle for the following two features to be missing in a flagship phone: – Water Resistance – Wireless ChargingThese are ABSOLUTELY necessary in 2021, and I will never settle for a phone without these. I didn’t realize this phone didn’t have these features as any flagship today comes standard. It’s too bad.Great night mode photos, clear daylight photos, and the speed is great. I’m going to try the Samsung s21 5g FE as it has everything and it’s the same price.Sad 🙁

    Rye Guy

  12. Ben Nelson

    Disappointing flagship

    Disappointed in the quality of this one. I had a oneplus5 that I loved, so I decided to upgrade to the flagship oneplus phone.Screen is very fragile. The phone fell out of my pocket when I was sitting down at my desk. It fell about 18in and the screen cracked. Normally I would tough it out with a cracked screen, but this phone was literally unusable. After the screen was cracked, the screen would not turn on. I’ve cracked phones and observed other cracked phones and I’ve never seen one that has behaved in this way.Oneplus support is totally unhelpful. I sent my phone in for repairs and they did not investigate the screen issue. They just sent me a bill on the screen and did not comment on the unusable screen issue. I tried talking to support to find out the issue on the unusable screen and they just repeated something to the tune of “but your screen was cracked” ad nauseam.If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t buy this phone.

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    Ben Nelson

  13. R.

    Great phone, battery time, and the camera is finally legit flagship quality !

    Great phone, great camera and battery life. Despite the advertisement of Alexa being baked in , it is optional in my experience, as it did not come preinstalled, so for those concerned or interested, that’s how my scenario played out.Light user so on the battery, it took about until 7pm for the battery to get to 50% , I know average screen time is listed as 8-9 hours though. This is on 120hz fhd as well.Camera is great. Love the super macro function and the night time camera. Coming from a OP3T, so any upgrade is a welcome one. My roommate had a S10+ and this phone seems to pummel the image quality.Charges from 50-100 in about 20~ minutes. Beautiful finish on the phone, keep in mind comes with two screen protectors, they didn’t seem too sturdy so I’m planning on getting some tempered ones when they’re available. The screen in itself is absolutely gorgeous.Downsides so far, screen edges are kind of difficult to navigate and the in display fingerprint reader feels like a step down from my 3T, definitely not as snappy, maybe I need to reconfigure my fingerprint, but there are times it can’t read my print.I will update upon further use!

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  14. Amazon Customer

    Its a lost cause

    Well 2 replacements in and the screen only gets worse with each phone. Everything Else about this phone is perfect besides the screen problems. But because the screen is such an important part of any phone I simply can’t recommend this without any warnings of possible defective screens.

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    Amazon Customer

  15. Cari Curbelo

    The right package for the right dollar.

    The Screen on this phone is probably the best currently out even mid/late 2020.Battery is better then the Note 20 Ultra, 120hz is more consistent through out apps, the size is more preferable minus the edges.Even the Camera on this phone trade blow for blow with Samsung’s flagships. It loses the Zoom but destroys in Macro and main sensor photography.

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    Cari Curbelo

  16. Consumer Jane

    Returned – Too Many Issues for an Expensive Phone

    Great battery life and quick to recharge. However, I had to return this particular phone. I was experiencing audio issues and also static sounds when I swiped my finger across the screen during a simple word game. In addition, there were frequent freeze-ups. I’ve had OnePlus before and it was a great phone. I’m going to assume that this particular phone (which I paid a lot of money for) was just a lemon, hopefully. There were a few other annoying things about the software, but those I could have lived with. But not the hardware issues.

    Consumer Jane

  17. Jon R

    Not worth it. Really bad experience

    I was very excited for this phone after having the 7proTHE WIRELESS WARP CHARGING IS HORRIBLE DONT BUY THE WIRELESS WARP CHARGER. DOESNT WORK PROPERLYI can tell you that software issues and fingerprint scanner issues made this phone a horrible experience for me. Granted I used a sup case with a built in screen protector which could have caused the 2nd issue.This phone suffers from the OS it works on. I suffered numerous crashes, typing issues and just all things consider a terrible experience on the oxygen OS.The battery life might get you though a day…if you’re a heavy user…probably notThe OS for me and TERRIBLE customer service was the final nail in the coffin. Sold the phone and went with a note 20 ultra. Much happier with that.

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    Jon R

  18. South Texan

    Fantastic phone at a fair price new and great deal used or renewed

    Wow, pros: Everything. Super fast, long battery life, great pure android experience (no bloat wear), sound is fantastic, screen is fantastic. I’m not a huge picture taker, but it all looks great to me in zoom or low light – things that other phones usually don’t get right at all. Love the vivid colors options and the finger print reader is best I’ve used. It captures the whole finger print, so you can touch it off axis with no problems. I compared to a 8t+ (my sons) and I did notice a difference in battery life and speed from the DDR5 vs. DDR4 memory. Other than that both phones are about identical in RAM/ROM, etc. Also, it does inductance charging which I love. I keep a charge stand on my bedside table and desk. Battery life is exceptional. You really can charge it up and use it off and on throughout the day to call, email, stream, and surf the web on a single charge. It is water resistant rated vs. just actually being water resistant but not rated, which I like and trust more. Wifi hookup is very fast and 5G is insane. Easily 500+mbs on T-Mobile all over town. I have had it fall back to 4G LTE in some places like steel framed buildings.Cons: Honesty, none so far. I do like the standard back/home/open apps task bar vs gestures (default) but found it in settings ad switched it and that fixed that. Gestures work as advertised but I just can’t get used to them, especially the back gesture.Overall, I cant rave enough about this phone. Especially if you get it used or renewed and save big bucks.Highly recommend.

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    South Texan

  19. Jesse Trammell

    caveat emptor

    Have only been using the phone since Saturday, I only decided to write this review as a warning to Verizon users. It appears you can end up in a situation like myself where you are unable to receive text messages. I have been working w/ Verizon since Saturday to try and resolve to no avail. Outside of that, this should be the flagship phone for Android. Much better specs than we’re seeing for the pixel 5 currently.Update: Having used the phone for the last month or so, it’s still super buggy. I have issues w/ not being able to hear people who call me (intermittently), but I can hear them just fine if I call them, both on wifi(messenger) and over regular phone calls. Location services seems to not be right. I’ll try and share my location, but it never updates, the ability to turn location always on is missing for a lot of apps. Issues sending MMS/Images over SMS. Some of this may be related to verizon, and I will know when my new sim card arrives, but I think a lot of it is due to custom OS that the OnePlus uses and apps not working properly with it. I would return if I could, but it appears that window has come and gone.

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    Jesse Trammell

  20. Kari

    Great Android Phone

    I decided to upgrade my phone and didn’t want the new Samsung phone. This phone is great and I was able to get the extra memory due to buying it with a Cyber Monday deal. The UI isn’t too different from Samsung so I was able to get used to it quickly. It incorporates a lot of hand gestures since there’s no button and it’s intuitive. The camera is amazing, I can’t wait to use it on trips. It comes with a case which has so far been perfect for me.

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  21. Rachel

    False Advertising!!!!!!!!!

    After spending about 3 hours on the phone with Verizon support, they told me that WiFi Calling is not available on this phone through Verizon, even though the product listing says it certified to work with WiFi Calling. I called Oneplus support to verify, and they told me the same thing, that WiFi calling is only supported on one carrier in the US, and it is not Verizon. The product description needs to be updated to reflect this, and I have to return this phone because I need WiFi calling at home due to lack of cell signal. Its very unfortunate, but it looks like this listing was intentionally misleading.

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  22. Skinless

    Latest update ruined phone, planned obsolescence?

    Come to find out the China purchased One Plus is going downhill and I won’t be buying another phone from them. Phone worked fine for me for a long time, only issue was with the curved edge of screen getting touched accidentally and performing some action I didn’t mean to touch or switch to some other video on accident when I select one and then try to rotate my phone to widescreen. Now the phone loses broadband coverage for no network related reason randomly and frequently. It’s been doing this since last update, so either they broke something with an interested update or it a feature and not a bug to make me buy a new phone.


  23. Gabriel

    This Phone is Incredible

    If you’re a fan of Android, this is probably the best one you can get. The Display is fantastic, the OS is super streamlined and smooth, the build quality is superb, the cameras are really nice, the charging speed is incredible, there are already screen protectors and a case included saving a little extra money, and the performance is probably the best of any flagship right now. Don’t trust the reviews saying that Alexa ruins the phone, it doesn’t even come installed on the phone, it is completely optional and the Google Assistant is the default (as it should be). If you want a blazing fast phone made by an incredible company, this is the phone to get. Oneplus has really outdone themselves.

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  24. Edward

    A Gorgeous Phone

    I upgraded from a Galaxy S8 to get the OnePlus 8pro(blue) and it’s a huge upgrade for me, it’s a really beautiful phone in person and it feels amazing to hold. This will be a phone to last me for years. It’s really fast and I love the screen 120hz QHD+. Also Alexa is optional until you set it up so don’t let this “Alexa” stop you from buying a great phone. You can just use Google assistant. I game on my phone alot on the highest settings so expect the battery to drain fast. Overall I don’t regret buying it.

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  25. darci

    Great phone

    This phone is great so far. Just to verify. It does work with Verizon. I got my number transferred from straight talk and just called to tell them I need cdma-less and it was all working in under 20 mins.. If you don’t call them for that then everything works except receiving text, so just make sure you call.

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  26. rEsearcher

    Pretty good phone but it definitely does compromise

    This is my first Oneplus phone, I opted for the non-pro version because of the slightly smaller screen, and the fact that the hardware specs I care about were identical on both (90hz is more than enough for me, and going from 60hz to 90hz is much more important than 90hz to 120hz). It’s definitely fast and powerful, and in terms of running apps smoothy, is as good as any flagship Samsung or iPhone right now.The main con for me is that there’s no external storage options, which is the one thing I miss the most from the S10e I replaced this with. The 256GB version certainly comes with enough storage, but I definitely miss the convenience of being able to pop the card out from one phone and put it in the other and keep all my music and pictures on it without having to sync to anything.My other main issue has to do with the OS. There’s a volume slider on the side, which is fine, but you can’t actually put the phone on vibrate or silent in the software itself, which really sucks since most of the cases for this phone so far require you to dig your finger in there and basically claw at your phone to silence it.My other gripes are more with the industry as a whole right now which this phone copied, so they are problems with pretty much any good phone right now. Curved screens might look cool but they are actually a spectacular pain to use, especially if you are using apps that require touches at the very edges of the screen, not to mention putting screen protectors on them is also a huge pain. Also I’m a guy with big hands and I can barely use this thing one handed, most apps don’t even support the ridiculously long 6.5 inch screen anyway, so it’s not like things even look better on it. This might be mitigated if the OS offered a good one handed mode options, but you are stuck with whatever is on the play store if you want to attempt that with this OS.I like the phone enough that I’ll definitely consider Oneplus phones in another couple of years when I might upgrade again though (I like it overall better than Samsung that I have my own gripes with), I just hope OP offers a version with a smaller, flat screen, and adds external storage options, and it would be almost a completely perfect phone.

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  27. Dustin

    Does NOT work on Sprint

    Update:So I wanted to update my review to be a little more fair. The phone is great! I do love it but I had to switch carriers. I was eventually going to be on T-Mobile, due to the merger, so I just jumped ship early.The phone being great still doesn’t provide 5 stars due to the company being incorrect about who can support the phone. If OnePlus wants to update their info about Sprint and reach out to me to admit they were incorrect at the time of my purchase, then I’d consider going up to 5 stars. Until then, 3 stars due to incorrect information provided by OnePlus.Original:Before I purchased this phone I asked both a Sprint rep and a OnePlus rep if the phone would be compatible. OnePlus stated it was an unlocked version so it would be and Sprint said if it was unlocked it would be. Phone came in about an hour ago and here I am unable to activate it on the Sprint network.DO NOT BUY IF YOU’RE ON SPRINT! Unless you want to switch providers.

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  28. Mark

    A buttery smooth experience that doesn’t break the bank

    I upgraded to the OnePlus 8 from a Pixel 2XL, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this phone so far! I was a little hesitant buying this phone (with some complaining about the camera, and so many other phones releasing this fall), but this phone has surpassed my expectations! I wasn’t interested in the OnePlus 8 Pro because of the larger size/weight and more expensive price tag. The OnePlus 8 is close to the size of my Pixel 2XL, which is big enough for me. Personally, I don’t really care about wireless charging or water resistance. Also, I read the pro has a more prominent waterfall screen (the screen wraps around the sides of the phone more), which I was not interested in.The screen is big and beautiful! The hole punch camera doesn’t bother me at all, and I forget it is there most of the time. The 90hz screen was a huge selling point for me, and is a huge upgrade from a 60hz screen. It really makes the phone feel buttery smooth.Speaking of buttery smooth, this phone will handle anything you throw at it! The combination of the beefy specs (emphasis on the 8gb/12 gb of RAM) and OxygenOS make for an amazing experience. I am not a big mobile gamer, but I did try PUBG to check out the 90 fps mode, which works and gameplay is smooth/fluid.The battery life has been fantastic. It will definitely get though an entire day with heavy usage. The included 30w fast charger will charge up your phone super quick if you are in a rush. The phone also has battery optimization options that will help prevent the battery from degrading overtime.The on-screen fingerprint reader is very fast and I rarely have issues unlocking the phone. I have not tried face recognition, because I just prefer the fingerprint reader.The stereo speakers are pretty great, and I have no issues with the sound quality. I mostly use Bluetooth Bose earbuds with the phone, and haven’t had any connection issues at all.The build quality is very premium and feels like a $1000 phone. Hepatic feedback (vibration) is something people overlook in reviews, and it feels great and is subtle. The power and volume buttons also feel nice and clicky. The power button on the Pixel 2 XL felt spongy, and sometimes wouldn’t even register me pressing it (it was super annoying). The notification slider (ring/vibrate/silent) is useful and should be on more Android phones. The glass back also makes the phone feel premium, but it is super slippery. It is also a fingerprint magnet (interstellar glow). So maybe slap a case or a D-Brand skin on the back (although the interstellar glow looks beautiful).In my opinion, the camera is not nearly as bad as some people are saying. It still takes high quality photos, and software updates will only make it better. It isn’t as easy as the pixel 2XL’s camera and camera software, but it has potential! It definitely isn’t on par with the OnePlus 8 pro or other $1000 phones, but it gets the job done. I am definitely not a photographer or photography enthusiast, so if you are looking for a phone that takes the best photos, maybe go with the OnePlus 8 pro. Also, the 2MP macro camera on this phone is pretty pointless (which may be my only negative point in this review). I know some people were having issues with the selfie camera (reports of blurry/fuzzy images), but I haven’t had any problems with it so far.Overall, this is exactly the phone I wanted. A super fast phone (high specs and 90hz screen) that I didn’t pay $1000+ for. I will never be able to go back to a phone with a 60hz screen!

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  29. Kenneth Barnes

    Scratching my head!??!

    Why is this phone being sold for under $600, and brand new? I don’t get it, let me explain. I know this phone is a year old. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I love saving money just like you. It’s just this phone is definitely a flagship device. It’s super quick, smooth and beautiful. Don’t be fooled by the color name, this phone has a beautiful blue hue to it, and I have had no issues with Alexa at all. To be transparent this is my second OnePlus device, my first was the Nord N100. Even with that phone I was surprised by the software experience, but the cameras where meh. The cameras on this phone are decent enough for me. Call quality is great, this screen is a gem. This phone has made me a OnePlus customer! I will update as I get more information. Don’t hesitate just get it before the price hikes again lol!

    Kenneth Barnes

  30. TechnoFiend

    Good overall experience, really bad bluetooth

    First time buying a OnePlus phone. I have been a Samsung Galaxy user from versions 4 through 10. Early initial impressions: The screen is large and easy to read, data transfer was pretty painless. But the big gotcha so far is Bluetooth pairing. The candidate list shows with just MAC addresses, and not names, and it doesn’t show many of my devices where I had no problem identifying them with the older Samsung S9. The OnePlus forums are full of people having similar issues. Messed around with the dev settings a bit, but no luck so far. I am hoping OnePlus can fix this via a software patch and that this isn’t a BT antenna problem.


  31. Stephen Banks

    I miss my 6T

    This was a replacement for my beloved 6T that was damaged by some chemical leaking on it. While it certainly has some great new capabilities (especially the camera and 5G) I just don’t love it like I did the old one. The wireless connection is a little finicky. Its size and the center camera make it less comfortable to use, and although I guess it’s faster than the 6T I find myself waiting for pages to load when I open a new browser. Also, I’m a little worried about the screen. There are a couple of tiny nicks on the rounded edge, you can’t see them unless the light is just right and I didn’t notice them sliding my fingers up and down until my fingernail snagged one once. I don’t know whether they were there when the phone arrived, but it’s never been dropped and I don’t know what could have caused them. A good phone for the money, to be sure, but I’m a little disappointed with the upgrade.

    Stephen Banks

  32. MojaveHigh

    nice mid price / android 11 and os11 download ready

    very nice mid price with good specs. its hard for me to justify flagship prices due to my losing ,breaking, bending my precious. Phone was ready for android 11 and oneplus oxygen 11 download. this phone has everything you need (except tpu case). the computer side is fast and smooth, nice audio thru headset, my games play good, cameras can always be better but this suffices, and the phone works well in good service areas. t-mobile is sketchy in the mojave so no fault phone. the price right now is the lowest on amazon,


  33. Jesse

    Great phone.

    Its a great phone, feature rich affordable price. Came with a charger, simple case, and screen protector. Its unlocked, works on verizon but you have to contact them either by call or web chat to fully activate the phone, because out of the box it can only make/receive calls and send text but not recive them, so thats why you have to contact verizon. The battery life is ok, probably wont last all day, but thats the price you pay for a smooth 120hz 1440p display. Has good stereo speakers, and HDR support. overall happy with the phone.