OnePlus Nord N200 | 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version | 6.49″ Full HD+LCD Screen | 90Hz Smooth Display | Large 5000mAh Battery | Fast Charging | 64GB Storage | Triple Camera

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  • 5G Enabled (5G service only available on T-Mobile and Google Fi) – Powered by the latest Qualcomm 5G chipset, the OnePlus Nord N200 5G allows you to download or stream your favorite TV shows, connect with your social media, and play online multiplayer at blazing fast speeds.
  • 6.49” Full HD+ LCD Display, 90Hz Smooth Display – Immerse yourself in all your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games with N200 5G’s 6.49” crystal clear Full HD+ display.
  • 90Hz Smooth Display – The 90Hz refresh rate refreshes 50% faster than standard 60Hz displays, ensuring smooth navigation and scrolling across the home screen and your applications.
  • Large 5000mAh battery – The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is powered by a massive 5000mAh battery, providing all the power required to get you through the day. Watch hours of TV, play graphically intense games, or browse the internet non-stop without fear of your device dying. Should the unthinkable happen and your battery die, no sweat.
  • 18W Fast Charging – The N200 5G’s 18W fast charging gets you refilled and back on your feet quickly.
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB built-in storage (expandable up to 256GB) – The OnePlus Nord N200 5G packs all the performance power and storage you’ll need to run and store your favorite content. 4GB of RAM ensures your applications and content run smoothly, making for a seamless, customizable, and enjoyable mobile experience. The 64GB of built-in storage ensures you can have all your favorite films, TV shows, games, and photos with you on the go. Need more storage? Expand it by up to 256GB with a microSD card.
  • 13MP Triple Camera System – It’s easy to capture every moment with clarity thanks to the 13MP main camera. Take up close and personal shots with the macro lens and add some definition to your black-and-white photos with the mono lens.
  • If your device is not receiving text messages or experiencing error when making phone calls, you need to contact carriers’ technical support to add CDMALess feature.
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Technical Specifications

Model Name N200
Wireless Carrier Unlocked
Brand OnePlus
Form Factor Bar
Memory Storage Capacity 4 GB
Operating System Android 11, OxygenOS
Color Blue Quantum
Cellular Technology 5G
Year 2021
Screen Size 6.49 Inches

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  1. Paul G


    09/14/21 Update on drags and slows sometimes. There is a video on YouTube on how to erase the cache. This works.Power off the PhonePress and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until the phone startsEnter your Pass Code and OKEnglishWipe data and cacheWipe cacheYesRebootI have mixed feelings about this phone. The phone is drags and is slows sometimes. I have the display on 60 MHz and Animations Off to help make it faster. I think the phone needs more RAM. Increase the RAM from 4G to 6G. The price has decreased $20 on Amazon.Pros5G T-Mobile onlyElectronic Image Stabilization (EIS)VOLTE on T-MobileWi-Fi calling on T-MobileConsCameras are fairSlow and drags sometimesI prefer the Blue G91 Pro for $200. The cameras are better and it is faster. It also plays Fortnite. It does not have 5G and Wi-Fi calling.

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    Paul G

  2. lorraine

    OnePlus Nord N200 | 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version | 6.49″ Full HD+LCD Screen | 9

    Excellent quality and price was right.


  3. Jack

    Everything great but not as smooth as I expected

    I’m an iPhone user who bought this phone as a backup. I love the design the battery life and the user interface. It has a 90hz display by the cpu is the bottleneck and it’s more janky than my old iPhone X. The camera is also bad, despite there are 3 of them…..But I would really like to give the higher end one plus a try!

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  4. Chanh Tran

    Work really good

    work really smooth, easy to use.

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    Chanh Tran

  5. rudy ruiz

    No bueno

    Well i thoght thi is a 5G. My old phone which is not a 5g is way better

    rudy ruiz

  6. Lu

    Awesome phone

    Awesome phone! The only con is the camera which is not very good but still a superb product.

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  7. Nicholas

    Notification sound issues

    This phone does not notify you when you receive messages. I have checked every possible place to turn on my notifications, and nothing. I have had this phone for almost a month, and it has been nothing but frustrating.


  8. AA

    Reasonable good budget 5G phone with good display

    It is reasonable good budget 5G phone with good display.Camera is decent, not like iphone 12 camera, but it does the job.Battery life is very good.

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  9. NtxivNeej

    It is a flagship looking budget phone.

    Perfect budget phone. Do not expect flagship features. I use iPhone 12 Pro Max and got this to have a second device as I need Android for work.Unlocking the screen is not the fastest. Face recognition doesn’t work with glasses on, fingerprint is located on the side button(power button) I found it tricky cause i wake up the screen with double tap. Fingerprint reader works however not the best. Camera also is not satisfying, especially at night. But remember this is budget phone, and for this price i think it is pretty good deal. I will keep it.

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  10. Holden


    It phone make calls

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  11. Armando

    Had trouble

    NFC did not work even after Google tips. Did discover that a it’s a common problem. I sent back for refund



    Good to use

    Great mobile


  13. another_george

    Very good phone

    This is very nice phone it has everything I want to have in a phone it’s better than the LG that I had and my old Samsung


  14. shubham saloni

    Phone is good, but it won’t work for ATT (not even 4G going forward)

    Don’t buy if you have AT&T network

    shubham saloni

  15. De Oppresso Liber

    Super Nice Phone & Function

    This is a Super Nice phone. It has an advanced technology, operating system, function, and the fingerprint reader works better than any phone I’ve had. Having said that, it’s very easy to setup. I have AT&T as my carrier, I just swaped the sim card from my old phone and it was ready to setup. Keep in mind this phone does have a Setup Wizard which guides you throught the process. It does have a slot for expandable memory. The technology of this phone works great, I have a pair of Raycon E55 earbuds that have the new 5.0 bluetooth technology (stereo sound) and they sounded awesome on my previous phone but they sound even better on this new N200 5G. I was conflicted between buying the N200 5G and N10 5G, both are very similar but personally I think the N200 5G is the better model. Do yourself a favor and spend an extra few dollars to buy the suggested phone protection case with a black surround. This phone is worth protecting the cameras on the back, against shock if dropped, and it will keep the phone from sliding around as it is very lightweight (but very good quality) and has a slick surface. I can’t say enough about how impressive this phone is. Buy it!!!

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    De Oppresso Liber

  16. tt

    Good little phone just not for me

    This was a GOOD phone. However, a few things put me off to it. I didnt like the feel of it in my hand, can’t explain. It’s like it didn’t fit my hand as well as my LG. Anyway, great phone. Great picture and camera quality. Great user friendly. Had latest hardware and future updates to come so no problem there. Didn’t care for the side fingerprint reader but that’s my personal opinion and for some reason with the way screenshots are set up with this phone I kept accidentally taking screenshots by merely holding it. The only problem that really stood between me and this phone was ultimately the problem with the network I preferred. I’m verizon all day baby and this phone did not want to accommodate that, no matter how many calls I made to straight talk and things they did on their end to make it work. God bless em they really tried but they never could get all the features to work as should and that’s when I ultimately knew I couldnt keep it. But don’t let my experience deter you from a good phone. If u must be Verizon like me, u may have an issue or 2, but if att is not a problem for u, then I say go for it. Amazon issued my funds and return with 0 issue.

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  17. Darrin S

    NOT UNLOCKED as described

    This phone is not unlocked. It is T-Mobile Only. I have sprint, and even though they are a merged company they can not activate it, even with giving me a T-Mobile/Sprint SIM card. Sprint users- do not buy this phone. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it definitely will not work for Sprint.

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    Darrin S

  18. Kindle Customer Bob Sheridan

    Excellent Phone

    Dollar for dollar it would be difficult to find a better phone.The camera is a little better than okay but everything else is fantastic.

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    Kindle Customer Bob Sheridan

  19. J.Adams

    Great phone with super fast, lag free gaming and streaming!

    I ordered this OnePlus Nord N200 | 5G unlocked android smartphone for myself because my current phone, a Motorola G7, (which I LOVE!), has gotten a little glitchy lately, especially when I’m trying to write and then post my Amazon reviews! And that’s how I knew I finally needed to bite the bullet and replace my beloved Motorola G7!This is the unlocked U.S Version of OnePlus N200 5G. It measures 6.49″ long and nearly 3″ wide. It’s about the same size as my G7, which I feel is a really nice size for a phone I use ALL the time! It has a very thin profile, which is very sleek. This is considered a “budget”phone, much like my Motorola G7. Although I certainly do not consider a budget phone in any way other than price! This is a great, high quality phone, with amazing features!This phone has a full HD and LCD screen, with 90Hz smooth display. It has a large 5000mAh Battery with fast charging by either USB or Qi charger. It has 64GB of storage and a triple camera which I’m very excited to use for my Amazon reviews! The camera has “Nightscape Capture” which provides sharp and brilliant images, even in low light! Even though the vast majority of my pictures are for my Amazon reviews, it’s really important to me to get really great high quality pictures for my reviews and I can’t wait to see how this camera’s quality will be reflected in my reviews!I guess I should mention that we have T-Mobile and this phone is compatible with T-Mobile.This phone has two really nice cameras. The rear facing camera is a triple camera and takes great pictures. It also has a 16 MP front facing “selfie camera”. The “ON” button is on the side, and the ON button is also the side mounted fingerprint scanner. (Unfortunately, due to an autoimmune disorder that affects my fingers I cannot use fingerprint scanners) This camera has 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage. That’s pretty typical for budget phones.This phone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G mobile platform. “This is Qualcomm’s latest 5G-capable processor and the first in its Snapdragon 4-series of chips. Qualcomm is the company that invented the breakthroughs that made 5G possible.5G is what enables the network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together, including machines, objects, and devices.” This is huge for any budget Android phone! It takes it up a notch and puts your capabilities for gaming and streaming more in line with phones that cost far more. This platform “takes a huge leap forward in mobile connectivity. The Snapdragon 5G system supports multiple 5G spectrums, modes, and frequencies—at lightning-fast speeds.” It allows you to stream higher-quality movies, series, and games in more places at lightning fast speeds.” You’ll find this phone does not lag web playing have or streaming.This phone has something called warp charge. That allows you to get a full days charge in half an hour. That’s not terribly impressive to me because my Motorola G7 is fully charged in 15 minutes and that charge lasts all day. That said, I’m not doing the gaming and streaming on my G7 that I’ll be doing on my OnePlus Nord N200 5G. The OnePlus Nord N200 5G has a long-lasting 5000mAh battery.I’m a little concerned about the learning curve because most of my phone’s have been Motorola phones and I haven’t had any learning curve with these. But I’m sure, given a week or two it’ll all seem very natural! BTW, if you’re going from any other Android phone and were using Google Photos, be sure to open Google Photos and sync all of your photos. You can continue to use Google Photos, or you can make the switch to the OnePlus photo app. The same is true for all of your other apps. Open Google on both phones, your new OnePlus and your old phone. You’ll need to have both open to sync. Either leave your sim card in your old phone and Wait to transfer, or get a new sim card and proceed with all of the steps outlined in this review.Enjoy your new OnePlus Nord N200 5G phone! It’s a beauty! And will bring you a wonderful experience for some time to come!Very highly recommended!

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  20. K. Newton

    This is a good phone

    This is the first time I didn’t buy a flagship phone. I use Hello Mobile and it just worked. I moved the SIM card from my Pixel to the N200 and it worked. Oxygen OS is a nice add on. I was able to pick up 5G today. I highly recommend the phone.

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    K. Newton

  21. SuperDave

    He’s not heavy, he’s my brother

    Seems great so far. New 5G tower about 100 feet from the house so it always getting 5 bars now. It’s heavy but the price for a mega sized battery. Seems snappy and responds well. I am not a power user of smart phones but of computers so if i can run a few apps that are not games and it does it well, I am happy. I am happy. The display is gorgeous and the camera is good but not if you think you are some auteur. I am using it with Mint mobile and the two have a very low cost of ownership.

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  22. Amazon Customer

    Not compatible with Sprint

    I returned this phone. Sprint would not activate it and said it is not compatible with their network.

    Amazon Customer

  23. Tamara

    This phone is the best. No regrets

    Awesome fingerprint reader, great battery life, money well spent

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  24. hugh dean

    Low ram equals lagging performance.

    Bought replace my TCL10L. Camera is fantastic. The OS is clean and tidy. The lack of RAM is an issue. Constantly. Really annoyed.

    hugh dean

  25. Kindle Customer

    Locked to tmobile

    Phone is absolutely 100% locked to tmobile false advertisement in description to have people purchase a useless phone unless u have tmobile

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    Kindle Customer