TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, US Version Android 11 Smartphone with 48MP Rear AI Quad-Camera, 5000mAh Big Battery, Dual Speaker, OTG Reverse Charging Octa-Core, Aurora Green

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Color:Aurora Green


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  • Fast and Smooth Performance: Feel instant response time thanks to the Qualcomm Octa-Core processor. Compatible with the T-Mobile and AT&T LTE networks. This device is currently not certified for use on Verizon. Not compatible with any CDMA networks.(such as Verizon, Sprint, Spectrum, Xfinity,etc.)
  • Captivating Cinematic Visual Experience: Enjoy a stunning display with bright and vivid colors anywhere with the TCL 20 SE smartphone. A 6.82-inch V-notch display, powered by NXVISION shows off your media at its fullest. With a 90% screen-to-body ratio and 20.5:9 aspect ratio for optimum viewing in a slim form, the expansive display provides you the maximum amount of screen for streaming.
  • Intelligent 48MP AI Quad-Camera: Shoot high-definition images effortlessly with a 48MP AI rear camera. Capture various perspectives with macro, depth and super-wide-angle cameras, plus an impressive 13MP front camera. Every shot you take will be stunning.
  • Massive 128GB Internal Storage: The phone’s 128GB memory allows you to store and access all the photos, videos, music, books and files you need instantly without worrying about running out of space. You can also add up to 256GB of memory with a microSD card (sold separately).
  • Enjoy more with a long-lasting 5000 mAh Battery: The 5000mAh battery lets you enjoy your movies, music and browsing for hours on a single charge, while on-the-go reverse charging lets you power up all your other devices.
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Technical Specifications

Model Name TCL 20 SE
Wireless Carrier AT&T
Brand TCL
Form Factor Smartphone
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Operating System Android 11
Color Aurora Green
Cellular Technology 4G
Year 2021
Screen Size 6.82 Inches

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  1. Fubar


    Nothing about this phone functions property do not buy this phone

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  2. Rick

    Great phone!

    I was hesitant to buy a brand I’ve never heard of, but I absolutely love it!Totally worth the buy and better than most brands & WITHOUT all the garbage apps pre installed.

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  3. Tess

    Inconsistent notifications

    Update:TCL responded and I appreciate that. However I had already attempted to contact them prior, and was not able to get through by phone. I did get assistance via email for another issue they solved by email. I did get through by phone later on, and unfortunately the advice given did not solve the problem. I do not get notifications from three very important apps, and for that reason I have to return the phone. I can deal with quirks, but one of the basic functions of a smart phone is to get notifications. I like the price, and think that paying 1k or 800 for a cellphone is not feasible for me. I appreciate the effort of TCL, but this phone does not work for the notification issue.I will initiate a return, unfortunately.Battery life: 5 starsDisplay: 5 stars for a budget deviceFunctionality: 3 stars it shuts down in the middle of app usage and it does not work well with run if the mill functions like printing from the phone.Notification: 3 very spotty and inconsistent. This is the biggest problem and why I will be returning it. If I can’t consistently get notifications, then it’s kind of pointless of having a phone. I wish LG was still in this market. But since they are not, I guess I’ll have to get a samsung.

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  4. Mark Hayes

    No repair service in the USA

    Everything about the cell phone looked good. But when I tried to get a hold of customer service to help me get started {I’m 76 yrs old} It was difficult to find a number for them. They only included a quick start guide, which was vague in the box. The cover they put in the box is plastic and only goes on the back side of the phone. The front is left unprotected. The worst part was that for the TCL 20 SE I purchased their absolutely nobody that makes a protective case for it. I tried Amazon, I Blason and everywhere else on the Internet and could not find one. It turned out to be a nightmare and that is why I returned it. If there was a rating lower than 1 star I would have used it. I really can’t rate the next couple of items, Face recognition or Fingerprint reader, or Battery life because I never got the customer support to set it up.

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    Mark Hayes

  5. Amazon Customer

    Worst phone

    this phone stick after dialing a number, the keys stick when dialing and the call history is crap and deletes after 7 days i make a lot of calls and sometimes i have to refer to the history i absolutely do NOT recommend this phone. Wish i could return it

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    Amazon Customer

  6. Stan

    One of the dual speakers was broken

    Face recognition work sometimes but the fingerprint reader was good and the battery life was ok but one of the dual speakers didn’t ever work so I had to return the phone

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  7. T.K.

    I would recommend buying

    The phone came on time. Nice large screen. The only thing I am disappointed about is the speed of the phone. I thought it came with a SnapDragon processor. I don’t think it does. Otherwise, the phone is great.

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  8. J Mush

    Just what I needed

    I had a BLU G90 Pro that I actually liked a lot but AT&T switching to 5g sent me a piece of crap phone and activated it causing my phone to not work anymore long story short and many phone calls to AT&T it turns out that they do not have a contract with BLU so I searched for something similar with 128 GB storage came across this phone it was delivered in one day and I absolutely love it works fast as everything I need for work might even be better than what I had and most importantly it works on the AT&T network very happy with this phone

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    J Mush

  9. Emily Covault

    Awesome phone

    Battery lasts literally all day without charging, by the time I go to bed and plug it in I still have 30-40% which would probably last another day. The finger print scanner makes everything so easy, I can use it to get into my phone but also banking apps or other apps that allow that type of setup. Camera quality is also really awesome 😍 and takes high quality pictures.

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    Emily Covault

  10. Charles

    This cellphone is excellent.

    The cell phone is just as described, it looks very beautiful and I like it very much.It has the most advanced face recognition, fast downloading speed, fast running software, good phone signal, especially the battery, which can last for almost two days after full charge, which is beyond my imagination.Very satisfying shopping experience, highly recommended.

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  11. DannBucc

    I guess you get what you pay for?

    I switched providers and my old phone wasn’t compatible with my new sim.1 week of use and one of the speakers has already stopped producing sound and any vibration. It may have been damaged on arrival but it wasnt noticed until the end of the first week.Apps also run slow, even simply using chrome.Combine all that with an extremely limited set of options for protective gear, this device feels like a basic item for mid tier cost.The fingerprint sensor works and the camera is what you would expect out of a budget phone.Battery and call quality are the only features I was impressed by.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    false advertisment

    order phone got the add said would work on t mobile tried 2 days to activate could not took to store they said it was a out of country phone can’t use it . NOW WAITING ON MY REFUND SO I CAN BUY ANOTHER ONE

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    Amazon Customer

  13. KAS101

    Not Reliable

    The phone worked beautifully for the first week. That’s why I gave two stars. Then one day it just stopped working. No power or anything. With a non removable battery I was stuck with returning it. I debated buying this phone because they usually make TV’s and wasn’t sure about the type of phone they would make so in the end I would not recommend this phone. I have still yet to receive a refund.

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  14. Samantha Jolley

    Good quality but has flaws

    Update: This phone has been so frustrating for me it isn’t reliable or consistent. I have had problems sending and receiving MMS and SMS messages. I have done everything to make sure my phone is working properly, like clear the cache and restart my phone. Sometimes I can’t call out to anyone, and my service is always good. My messages are usually delayed if they do send. I have never been so frustrated with a phone before. Not sure if I received a bad egg or not, but I would t recommend.The camera resolution is clear and easy to focus. The different settings and options are fun and useful. The phone is large! It is really long, so I have been trying to get use to that. It does like to close me out of apps and messaging though. Which I hate! Battery life isn’t the best, especially if you are one to be on the phone a lot. Overall though, not bad.

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    Samantha Jolley

  15. Batina

    I like it

    Took some getting use to. Went on YouTube to find tricks to stretch battery life. User friendly and cheaper than 1200.00.Update, 4 weeks of use it has started glitching and freezing up. This phone does not wireless charge. If it last 6 months I’ve will have got monies worth.

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  16. Gibbylove

    Never Thought it was this Good

    I have always been a Samsung cell phone person. I saw this TCL phone and right away I felt attracted to it. It has been a few days it works great with my phone carrier. I like the battery it is great and its features, even photographs, and movies. Why pay so much money for a brand name when this phone does the same things an expensive one does. I strongly recommend this cell phone. The price is great and it looks and feels great.

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  17. Tyrone

    No good for metro


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  18. Doom

    Probably the best entry level phone on the market

    Bought this for my wife and she loves it!! Its as nice as my note 9 without the high price as well. The battery lasts about 2 days before the need to charge it also!!

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  19. KC

    Decent for basics, basic apps dnt show

    Its a beautiful phone. Calls, texts, speaker is wonderful. Down side… Mose badic google apps are loaded on the phone but the apps do not show up. To get to messages, I have to go through contacts. Tried uninstall and reinstall and the issue never resolved itself. This is the case with most of the preloaded google applications. Phone also would not cast/mirror. The app never would oick up the available devices. I tried 5 different tvs. Contacted customer service and they disconnected the call without even talking to me. I definitely would not recommend. Switching back to Samsung. Buyer beware!Update:Customer service did try to help. Was able to set the messages app on the right tab that slides out. It apps still done show under apps but are able to be added to this tab, except photos. But it is a good phone outside of the app issues. If they do a software update to show all apps (including background/software apps) on the device it could get 4 stars. They lose a star for one of the customer service reps that took all my info and never called back, as well as for the software glitch that still has not been resooved. Everything else is perfect on this phone.

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  20. Frank

    worthy to have it

    Mobile phones are cost-effective, high in pixels, cost-effective, and have excellent performance.

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  21. Khyry


    I love my new phone. Finally a company that isn’t just a greedy conglomerate. I didn’t want to spend even a couple hundred on a nice phone. I don’t even feel they’re worth that much, just overpriced junk that is obsolete within a year. Well, with the TCL, you get the bang for your buck. I couldn’t ask for a better phone, especially for a decent amount. I’m a sucker for a good deal and I appreciate a fair price. I plan to give my TCL lots of TLC so that I can have it for a long time.

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  22. michelle

    Not compatible with Verizon network!

    I had to return this after trying everything I could to get it to work. Could not get texts from anyone, no matter what network they were on. Could send them out to others but could not get any in return. I could make phone calls & receive them. Spent half the day on the phone with Verizon, being escalated to 2 different specialist before being told this phone was not compatible with the Verizon network

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  23. Tyler Spahr

    It seems to have issues with reception and wifi connections.

    I have been trying to use it for my business phone, but the wifi issues have caused me to use it mainly for my personal phone now. The battery life is very good, the face recognition doesn’t always work, bit having fingerprint sensors is white nice. The main issues are with the wifi on it and access to the SD card doednt always work.

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    Tyler Spahr

  24. Timothy Kallok

    Great phone, bad coverage.

    I seriously like this phone, but it doesn’t use all the bands for most of the carriers in the U.S. So far it’s my home/wifi phone and works great, I play games all day without having to charge it. The touch screen is a little finicky when it comes to acknowledging that you pressed where you did. But once you get used to it, it’s no big deal. Fingerprint reader works almost perfectly, and face recognition about the same. All in all, a great phone at it’s low price.

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    Timothy Kallok

  25. Pete

    New TCL phone

    So far the new TCL 20se phone is great, still getting use to the features, not sure if I will use the finger print identifier feature. Another thing my cell service carrier “Mint Mobile” has not changed yet the network connection is far greater on my TCL than on the old Samsung, go figure!

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